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Golfmasters is a 2D arcade title disguised as a golf game where you have to launch penguins toward a hole as quickly as possible. It's a title that serves as a sort of sequel to another wacky game from Playgendary called Boucemasters!

It's incredibly simple to play Golfmasters. All you have to do slide your finger on the screen to create trajectories for your penguin to follow. When you like the direction your penguin is going to take, you just have to lift your finger to have the bear hit the penguin as if it were a golf ball. Next, you'll watch your penguin fly through the sky and bounce its way off of other animals on the way to the hole.

One of the things that really stands out about Golfmasters is the colorful graphics filled with charismatic characters. The fact that you use a flamingo as a golf club just adds to the zaniness of this fun game. And you can eventually unlock even more characters to use.

Golfmasters is an arcade game that's simple but provides instant fun. It's impossible not to have a good time with the reactions of the objects in the setting, not to mention the variety of situations the game presents.
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